Shamanic Drumming + Didgeridoo + Fireside (8D Audio)

8 ratings
I want this!

Shamanic Drumming + Didgeridoo + Fireside (8D Audio)

8 ratings

This package contains a powerful music composition with shamanic drums and psychedelic didgeridoo, perfect for for ceremonies, dances and meditations. The focus element of this music is fire which stands passion, life, creativity and motivation.

The track has 3 phases. 

It is speeding up in tempo:

0:00 - 80 bpm

22:00 - speed up

48:00 - 120 bpm

There are 2 audio mixes in this package

1. Stereo mix (for speakers, ecstatic dances, outside ceremonies)

2. 8D audio 360° mix (for meditations and inner work with headphones)

High quality files

This package contains the high quality .wav of this music as well as .mp3. The higher the quality of the music the greater the effect it has on our mind/body.

Here are a couple of comments I got about this track

"I swear this was a brain and mind massage. I can hear an elephant in the didgeridoo! My crown and third eye pulsating so much. Intense! I had to stop. But I took a break and continued. Shit! Front forehead pulsating! I couldn’t think of anything else just the brain massage. Felt awesome but intense like my head was going to pop! Fire crackling in my head. And then the thunder. Amazing! I’ll be coming back to it often! Thank you see much" - Children of the Sun

"Interesting feelings flooded my body and the pictures came...

When I started the video, I first felt like I was lying in a rock cave where I was the victim of an ancient predator and the animal was circling next to my head. 😳 For the first few minutes, I instinctively slowed my breath and didn’t move. 😅 I’m not crazy and I don’t use hallucinogenic drugs, just the music influenced me! 😀

This music is the best, strongest I’ve ever heard! WoW! 👍 " - MÉDEA LARION 

"My intuition told me to download and listen - I am very glad I listened! This really resonates with my solar plexus. Much love, many blessings and smooth sailing to you all🙏🌹🚣‍♀️" - Niki Thomas

I want this!


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